Captain Howdy (style B)

Design by OlliRudi

Captain Howdy (style B) by OlliRudi on Threadless
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hogboy profile pic Alumni

Olli Rudi earn $5 through designing of shirt good

Rockslide profile pic Alumni

I really like this strange retro style here. You've been doing some awesome work lately, keep it up!

OlliRudi profile pic Artist

Not really a gorillaz fan. Actually, i didn't know about gorillaz' use of pazuzu until after i'd submitted this..Captain howdy was the persona pazuzu used to gain contact with regan in the original exorcist film.

Luckily my style looks nothing like jamie hewletts, anyway.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Other one. $4


makes me laugh


"captain howdy inspire the rocking children of the planet world to make most rockingest devil music possible through happy play of instrument."

^this makes the whole shirt - i'd buy it if it actually said that on the shirt.

Terry Citizen

I like the colours a lot more on this one. Really sells it.


i'm changing my answer to 5$

OlliRudi profile pic Artist

good blah to you too, missy.

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