Can't we be Friends

Design by atomicchild

Can't we be Friends by atomicchild on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

the concept for a classicly cutesy threadless tee is there, but the execution is not - the drawing just needs to be refined

staffell profile pic Alumni

ie, this looks more like a sketch/first concept than a finished piece

atomicchild profile pic Artist

i know the line work for some reason doesn't look very crisp but it is i used illo the lines are all nice and smooth they just look all jagged,,,


It's pretty cute, I like their expressions and postures.


So cute!

Randy Jackson

The concept works dawg, but the art doesnt.... yet. With some refinement you might have somethin here dude. So, Im gonna say no for now, but keep at it. I'm sure youll bring your game soon enough man.

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