Can't take it with you.

Design by parallelish

Can't take it with you. by parallelish on Threadless
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campkatie profile pic Alumni

I'd wear!


I would wear it.

Plu Shu

Herm, I think I know where the inspiration comes from...

JOHN2 profile pic Alumni

That works wonderfully on a shirt.

soloyo profile pic Alumni


Plu Shu

Well, a liquid-ish hand composed of different "colour" (here, patterns) blobs holding (or trying to hold) a diamond, that is REALLY close to what I've uploaded and that you've seen. The result is different, so I'm not saying you totally stole it or stuff like that, but I have to say I felt a bit weird when I saw this.

Soffronia profile pic Alumni

Cool work!

Plu Shu

I don't want to make too much fuss, especially because your design is cool and you're someone whose work I've always appreciated, but come on, you score and comment this: And 3 days later, you make your own version of the exact same concept.

No matter how I look at it, I don't see how you could have not been inspired by it...

parallelish profile pic Artist

Plu shu I just wanted to make sure you were talking about your design, and I'm totally happy to admit that yes I saw your design really liked it and it reminded me of a pretty old design I did so I decided to remake mine. Sorry if it made you feel weird or anything, that wasn't my intention but thanks for the inspiration. 8)

Plu Shu

Ah ok, sorry for the fuss, I saw no mention of my stuff and then I thought you were trying to deny it ^_^;

It's cool. Care to post that old design of yours? I'm curious.



Plu Shu

Nice, thanks

Lazulidragon profile pic Alumni

I would buy this right now if I could. Love it!


Interesting design. You have been scored!-------- ^(;,;)^

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