Cannon in T

Design by nickbradshawjr

Cannon in T by nickbradshawjr on Threadless
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It's possible to see it as someone levitating in front of a toilet instead of someone about to attempt a cannonball splash in a toilet. Maybe have a multiple exposure look to it like this photo.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

at first i thought it looked like a guy levitating near a toilet. Which is kinda amusing in itself.

The Ending

amazing! Lose the shadow 5$


It comes off to me as being very artsy for a just play on words and a joke. I'm not sure how to take it.

gadget arms

I like the way it's drawn, but I don't particularly want to wear a shirt with a toilet on it... Especially not when someone is diving into it.


my first impression was "Toilet Plunger"

awesome, you get a gold star.


haha yes. 5

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