Candy Out My Mouth (REDO)

Design by AlecGrieco

Candy Out My Mouth (REDO) by AlecGrieco on Threadless
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Much better. I like it a lot now. My only crit is that the candy piece, (which I like) looks like it's drawn with different perspective. If it was leaning against the foot part it would work like that though.


Wow, serious rework. full credit due.

side a

this version is much better... however, you have to leave roughly a 1 inch margin down from the collar.. so there would be a gap from where the design stops and the collar begins....
but.. the reworking has been nicely done,.




wonderfull. very creative. 5


I want so desperately to buy this! I hope everyone agrees so that I have the opportunity!


Ambitious, but probably won't be printed due to compilations at the neck line.

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