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Canada Owes Me

Design by whirzle1

Canada Owes Me


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Haha. I like this shirt. Its just bizarre and weird, you would wear it and people would be like, "say what?" and then they would ask you the story behind it and you could make up all kinds of junk. That would be fun.

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

well...I figure they print XL tshirts, it might be nice to recognize the big man.


but the big man has big man boobies! LOL cool shirt though


i really like it- that cheerful moose/elk/whatever is fantastic!


Halarious message... but I'd really like it if it weren't so rest stop gift shop-y.


damn, i was this close to saying Megaloceros. i suck.


I chuckle thinking about the put down
on Canada by mentioning REAL quarters.
So the design is good with its humor,
but I can't find a decent reason for the
the blue arrow around the Canadian
quarter to exist. Am I missing something?

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

well the bluse arrow is kinda like that joke that goes, "What like (fill i nthe blank) and has two thumbs? THIS guy!"

So think of the big blue arrow as a graphic metaphor for some really annoying guy's thumbs.

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

I screwed that goes,"What has two thumbs and (fill in the blank). THIS guy!"

...I'm not so great with the jokes.

whirzle1 profile pic Artist

My Walgreens only sells tshirts with motorcycles, eagles and that old lady from the Hallmark cards that's always talking about menopause and chocolate. But yeah, you're right. This shirt is supposed to be kinda kitsch-y/campy...


lol I love it eh

$5 (in us currency)


LOL this is great! XD

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