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Can you dig it? by Robsoul on Threadless
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AWESOME!!!!! My first comment, thank you kind sir.

It's for a contest - Simply design a tee to the theme "Vinyl, Files and Cassettes". The design can be anything relating to this theme. -


I am currently making out with this design...Nice , crisp work. El 5'o.

Mr Rocks

Cleverkarate aint so clever....

Well done pal. A 5 and buy from me. I really like the treatment on this dude.

p.s. have a look over at my IFC shirt photo gallery...


Ha, cleverkarate....DUH!
I like this:)
Nice colors, too.


GAWD! Is this some sort of conspiracy that there are so many submissions about the evolution of audio mediums...oh wait! THAT'S what the contest is about. Boy, don't I feel retarded!

As usual, nice, nice work. Love the colors on the sage shirt, too. I'd be afraid to wear this, what with mezo leaving hickies all over it...

Mr Rocks

hey sabowan...


do these people read at all..... sorry Rob, it's really wound me up dude...

Ava Adore

very nice yet again!


I think that one reason that there are so many subs for this contest is that the subject matter is so applicable to everyone. Some of the other ones for bands and stuff never had so many entries because most people just didn't care about them. So, yes this is for a contest, but I've never seen so many entries for one contest, the prize must be awesome. I thought that your DJ was a little creepy lookin, but I guess if you're into that... pretty good


Beautiful line work.
you did this in 97?
bring back some more sketches from the 90s Rob!

conan doyle

yes I can.
nice illustration as always... though I think I like Bootsy Simmons more.


Amen to that, cleverkarate. Amen to that.

Robsoul profile pic Artist

Thanks for the positive comments from most so far, as well as the funny ones.

As for the rest of you morons, I put a hex on you! sha-zam... you're all veal calves with two more weeks of tenderness to go before you end up in Saran © Wrap!

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