calling all techies

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calling all techies by ekaj47 on Threadless
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Love the double helix!


:O! Love it on the shades of magenta because the double-helix is more obvious. $5.


Why the guy crossing the road sign? And why is it so huge?

ekaj47 profile pic Artist

all the images of the buildings are photos I took when in Austin last year at the SXSW music fest. the sign of the guy crossing the street is actually a guy using a hoola hoop, I've never seen a sign like that in a city and i saw it in Austin so i took a photo of it. I also saw the band the burden brothers at the music fest and before the show they had a strip tease show with 2 chicks, a blonde and a brunette, never seen that before a show and that was kick ass also. I've got video and photos of that also but couldnt work it into the design!


Great design.

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