Calamari Cannibal

Design by briancook

Calamari Cannibal by briancook on Threadless
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reneehartig profile pic Alumni

I love this sub. Great work, I especially like the motion lines! He looks so slimy, hee hee. $5

briancook profile pic Artist

Yes, technically calamari is squid. However, I thought the play on words for the title of the shirt (which came to me after I was done) was too much to pass up. Octopus being a Japanese cuisine, I believe the shirt still makes sense with a different name if necessary...but the technicality doesn't bother me personally.

Also, I'm not sure all squid only have one eye.


If I owned a sushi restaurant I'd buy this shirt for all of my employees to wear as part of their uniform.

briancook profile pic Artist

Well either way, my photo should clear up both issues. After that you will have to work it out amongst yourselves.

briancook profile pic Artist

Jojolo - I can send you the original photo of the ceramic piece if you give me your e-mail. The photo is digitally dated from my camera if you look at it's properties. Both pieces came from an idea I had a long time ago, sketched on a placemat. I took it home and then worked out the idea in my sketchbook. I decided to do a t-shirt design working with the same idea this year.

If anybody else feels they need to question the originality of my piece or need further information will you please contact me via e-mail. Frankly I'm getting tired of these false accusations when I have sufficient evidence in my hands. The ceramic piece was also displayed at Hope College in an art show the summer of 2006.

Also, please don't ask me to provide proof of the date of my design without first giving me proof of yours. Now that I have written the complete history of my design I would appreciate you speaking with me directly via e-mail if you feel that there is still a problem, although I don't know how you could possibly contest any of this.

Even if I HAD taken a concept from someone (which I certainly have NOT) This design would still be my own original work, and I would have every right to enter it in the contest. Neither of you has put up a similar design, so franky I don't know why we're even discussing this.


I LOVE your style!! I want one of everything you do. You're amazing. Keep the submissions coming. 5$


Love your style. Your ideas are purely inspirational.

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