Cactus Showdown

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Cactus Showdown by pseudonymjones on Threadless
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AWESOME but it needs color. Or maybe just to be on a shirt that isn't black. Either way I think I stiill need it.


maybe just alittle tab of color on the cacti (is that even a word?)


I would give it 4 stars if it had more color. A green cactus on a blue colored shirt would be excellent.


I love it without color! I think it adds to the old western film-feel that it gives off.

slender fungus

cute. awesome. yet... bland. needs colors. i like the idea of red cacti... but that's just me.


This is funny, mostly because it's absurd. It makes me want to go to Arizona and recreate it for a photo.

Make it in sepiatone colors, like some old photo and you've got a buy.


I'd buy it, too, but in color...


This has the possibility of being the greatest shirt in the history of great shirts.

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