bye bye ronald

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bye bye ronald by geraud76 on Threadless
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Tonteau profile pic Alumni

What are those pigeons going to do to him?


^They thought they were gunna be turned into hamburgers .
That's right Ronald, the truths really coming out now ;]

neon electric

I'd buy it for the expression.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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I dunno- i love the drawings here and the face looks fine to me...but the concept of this one doesn't sing to me. Pigeons are kidnapping Ronald mcDonald. It doesn't have the cleverness to really hook me. it needs another element, and then im all about this shirt.


As much as I hate Ronald McDonald. I'm not diggin this. What am i missing here? He's being flown away by pigeons?? WHY??? what's the meaning????


why does the pigeon love ronald so much? also less scariness


Funny but probably a copyright violation.

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

You do realise that Ronald McDonald is a trademarked character and Threadless will never be allowed to use it like this, right?


true dat, krakaboom. a lot of t-shirts are featuring trademarked culture icons like iPod silhouettes and stuff...

that stuff is copyrighted for a reason

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