butterfly asylum

Design by kooky love

butterfly asylum by kooky love on Threadless
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yeah you're gonna get a lot of flowers in the attic-related abuse but I like this. $5


I agree with fears about abuse, but both the execution and the concept are substantially different - substantially different and awesome.


herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and shading.

chronically bizarre

this one differs from Flowers in the Attic enough to hold its own and look good, definitely digging your design


kooky love
kooky love profile pic Artist

i know flowers in the attic is the popular design in this site.
i have been take a look around so long to know it has been done.

if you still want appreciate this design, click my profile and find my blog titled butterfly asylum to see the zoom and placement.

Terry Citizen

I like it as an almost sequel to FITA. 4

outline profile pic Alumni

whoa...creepy...but i like

mezo profile pic Alumni

The butterflies need more dimension. Making them all face foward look weird with the highly defined 3D figure.


Damn, butterflies are everywhere!


I'd say put it in the corner, but I don't like this one. There are butterflies on everything, and you know what? I think butterflies are lame. Bt ..interesting design anyway. Although I'm not really seeing the point.

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