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That excessive text is great with that little image!
Very funny!


Snactivity, did you read the first comment?
Some of us still speak the Queen's English :-)



loglow profile pic Alumni

love it. too much text is the point. $5

please print!


I like it alot, but can't say I'd buy it unless it was printed in "American" English. I think I'd get too many comments about the spelling (despite it being technically correct in some parts of the English speaking world) which would detract from the design. I don't know how much of the Threadless customer base is British (or devoted to British spellings), but if the market is more US driven, I'd change the spelling.


love it, needs more text tho. jk


guys, the WHOLE world spells like that, its just america that doesn't.
i think it's fab as is!


I agree with kremen that the text
should be in American English
so people will enjoy the design
without getting distracted by
its spelling.

Imagine casual Friday at work....

" Hey man, I like how the text is
squashing that corporate guy.
Oh, look there... it's misspelled. "

" No, it's not misspelled. That's the
non American spelling. "

" Uh... anyway, where's that report due hours ago ? "


i think the whole image could go even larger.

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

Great shirt.

I think, however, the text should be spelled in the American English form. You must admit that the vast majority of Threadless buyers are American...I mean, they're based in Chicago.


it would be interesting to find out the proportion of american vs REST OF THE WORLD buyers of threadless tshirts. i'm not american! anyone else agree that this is a fab shirt, and the spelling should be left as-is?


i am an american and i adore everything about this shirt, especially the spelling. let's try to broaden our narrow little minds, shall we? honestly, americans can be so pigheaded (though obviously not all)

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