Burrow Buddies

Design by briancook

Burrow Buddies by briancook on Threadless
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briancook profile pic Artist

Todd was always eager to make one of his thirty two siblings look like an idiot.


You should just have this line on the shirt..."Todd was always eager to make one of his thirty two siblings look like an idiot."


slogan that! nice textures on the fur here...i love the funky colors...but i'd like them on a diff color shirt.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

nice one


very nice!


nice job, i like the coloring and linework a lot


Actually it's the colors that bump me up to giving it a $5, was thinking about a 4. Nice!!


include the text!! 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

Love the technique with the fur lines but not a fan of the imagery. 3



briancook profile pic Artist

Text on sleeve....that's doable.

Does anybody know how the days are counted on here? This was posted last night and now it's listed as only having 5 days left. I don't get it. It always seemed a little off to me, but this one's going like a speedracer.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Chengui, Threadless counts as to how many days left instead of days up, hence the "0 Days Left" and the design will still be up for the entire day.

Also, love the idea and i like the style you did this in, but the rabbit colors leave me a little queasy. Still, a big fan of this one.

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

What the....awesome town! I really like the teal line on the darker olive shirt, it almost glows. Also, love the way the hands are drawn, hee hee you get him you wascaly wabbit!

briancook profile pic Artist

Carrot ears weren't intentional, but now that you pointed it out I like them too.....and will never be able to see them as anything else :)

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