Burning Wild

Design by Oiseau83

Burning Wild by Oiseau83 on Threadless
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dschwen profile pic Alumni



looks great as a shirt


Hold up. Is this based on Dali's Burning Giraffe? If so, that's insane.... as I was working on a concept based on the same. What are the odds of two Burning Giraffe-inspired shirt designs???

With that said, great work! Love it.


This is wicked

If You have a minute, Please Score My Submission.


needs t be a little lighter!but again, amazing style


Giraffes starting fires. Dear god!


Wow I like it! I took a moment to look over all of your designs and you sir have amazing talent! I love your work! Keep it up!
Some of my favorite pieces scored low and that makes me wonder if I will even get above a 1 on any of mine! I would love your opinions and advice on my designs! Ive got 2 that are being scored and one that I am working through the critique phase. Please tell me what you think!

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