Burn ur Cal.

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wow, genius!


Like it! $5



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"the bad artist copy, the great artist steal." Pablo Picasso said, What the meaning inside this sentence, and its said from the world class artist ?

For me "copy", its mean do the same without developed anything. But "Steal", i think its can explain this word like... once upon a time, the first human create a t-shirt. one day the second human think to put some unique for his t-shirt by put some symbol on it, So can u say the second human steal idea of the garment or not ? and what do u think about the second human, he copy or steal the idea of the first one?

p.s.1- Thank you "Mr.Bortwien", for show me up , that my idea has been done before. when u post a link, and i find out some thing that the previous sweat t-shirt concept ,its playing around with sweat and time. But for my concept i playing around with , weight ,healthy, energy and sweat. i got this idea for my experience, cause i sweating a lot and it spread my t-shirt when i make a sport or exercise.

p.s.2- Thanks, "Doginabox" for the great comment.

p.s.3- "Evan3", you should come to thailand (in summer season), Maybe u will found that u can sweating too.

by the way, i really appreciate for all comment :D


Great concept, nice purposes!


hahahah it's fun

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