Bunnies are Forever!!!

Design by jimjimdesign

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intro was more clever than the shirt.


the drawing style is very cool, but I don't think the bunny head shooting from nowhere does anything for the design.

jimjimdesign profile pic Artist

You need to look more closely. How do you know that the bunny head isn't imagery for the other bunny's fond memory of a long-lost relative, possibly the mother, or close sibling? In the animal kingdom life is much more fleeting than in our world. Bunnies can't carry firearms to protect themselves from predators like we can. If a bunny becomes severely ill, it can't just go to the bunny doctor and ask for some bunny antibiotics. This is why Bunnies in fact are forever. Sure the lifespan of a bunny might only be a mere fraction of ours, but the memories, the memories are forever.


awe:( i used to have four bunnies. . .now they dead

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Yeah, me too. My younger sister had like 6 rabbits living in our backyard. I had to pick up a dead one once. They really do get stiff when they die. She was crushed when she found out that Muffin passed.

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You kids are all artists. Haven't you ever drawn something that you liked, that required no rhyme or reason, you just liked it? C'mon the whole explaination is all in fun! One day you too will realize that art doesn't have to be so literal or make sense, but it can in fact just be a mere outlet to keep your sanity. That's why I make art.


ditto crigger

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My bunnies are so dope you can smoke 'em!

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