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The crisis is unstoppable!

Enjoy it!

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I'm not sure too many people are gonna wear a bull vomiting blood. Aren't we all reminded of this problem every day without something so hurlingly obvious on our chest beguiling everyone?

Bio-bot 9000
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I'm glad people are finally addressing the Bovine Ebola crisis.


Amazing. text may need changing but 5/5

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If were another bull, would be meaningless. I see you have not caught, ;)


thing is, the market is not really in a crisis
submit if/when the dow ever goes under 7400
that and id rather see a drawn bull


So hang on, this is an economy reference?
Not being American I had no idea that that bull statue thing meant what it did - I thought this was about animal cruelty in Spain.

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Yes aebyrd, the concept is just not for theradless, one of my first subs, I´m a Noob!! ;)


you can resub now, we're all screwed
man overboard

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