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Built for Speed by Glennz on Threadless
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staffell profile pic Alumni

100% agree^


eh.... 1 step forward, 2 steps back

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

Just say no to copy and paste... hour or so more on this piece and you would be getting a 5

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

funny concept... a little flat.


i gotta disagree with the makeoutkid, the artwork for that album and this sub don't look anything alike...that said i gotta second Rock Deputy and LaBing on this one...


ehh nice artwork

i agree with the guy leaning back


tesco profile pic Alumni

I like this style of glennz. also, your new profile picture is awesome.


it looks like a few of you guys are hung up on the fact the main biker has been duplicated. what you should be looking at is the concept, and how it works on the tee. looks good to me glennz

mezo profile pic Alumni

The lack of varied space in between the cyclists is killing me. Seems so cramped & static. But I really like the front wheel on the low rider bike.

lee klein

this is not his best work, But his best work is genius

coolhandcarter profile pic Alumni

like Labing said, laid back low rider.4£


I LOVE the concept. (I'm a mountain biker who worked in a mosty roadie shop)

4 as is. What would make it big ol' 5$ is if they were on regualr race bikes rather than time trial bikes, but that's just me.

I would also make the jerseys as loud and annoying as could be.

great work

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