Bug Spray

Design by DEXXON

Bug Spray by DEXXON on Threadless
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this is just the viet cong execution with a bug. dont like it.


looks live traced to me. i think it's a good idea but could have been much better executed.


Can't say the design makes sense. Are we making a parallel between the Viet Cong and pests? Could be executed a lot better.

DEXXON profile pic Artist

Yeah, Gawd I dunno what I was thinking... Threadless please remove this submission. nobody take any notice of this one... don't even score it... cheers


i remember the shock i felt when i first saw the footage of that execution. it was pretty horrific. you see the guy get shot and crumple to the ground as a little geyser of blood bubbles up from his head. (you can see it in the movie "hearts and minds" which i recommend.)

anyway so yeah, even though it is a clever idea, it's hard to find it amusing or think about wearing it.

i applaud DEX for being able to say he made a mistake. i don't call that "gutless" - quite the contrary. it's a mark of character to be able to do that. i don't think he was making a "statement"; i think he was making a joke that he realized didn't work.

i'm a comic and a first amendment absolutist. i like (and make) a lot of jokes that are considered offensive or politically incorrect by some, but i couldn't laugh at this one and saying so is not censorship and DEX changing his mind is not caving in.

i can tell from this and your other submissions DEX, you're clearly talented. kudos for having character on top of it.

p.s. is harvest getting made?

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Solmu I think DEXXON was being sarcastic.
I think it's great. Another great design from dex.
I like the new style you're toying with (this one and the goat design).
Keep up the good work


yeah...... so i'd probably have people trying to attack me for wearing this, and i want it to be printed why?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

I don't find this offensive, I just find it incredibly lame. If you are going to go there - go there properly.

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