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Geez... what are you using, a gatling gun?

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Those dildos are shiny.

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p.s. What's with the envelopes at the bottom? What is going on with this design? Is Buck Sauce supposed to be doe pee? That's what hunters use to attract bucks, you know.


The ammo strips.
It's been done, and MUCH better too.


Bohrmeister: you're average score is 0.97, mine is 2.32, so who's being more critical? I don't know what comments of mine you're reading, as the vast majority include "good job" or some other similar phrase... I don't comment on designs I flat out don't like... I comment to be constructive (unless I'm really tired and a bit loopy, in which case I occasionally just say something in an attempt at wit). The comment on this was not at all meant to be disparaging, it was addressing the very large size of the shells... SO YOU CAN IT!

Have a wonderful day!


"your"... ugh... I can't believe I did that.

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