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Bub The Builder by Jo Bling on Threadless
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Jo Bling
Jo Bling profile pic Artist

"Can he eat brains?" From the guy who actually designed the TV show (Bob the Builder) comes this delightful dessicated zombie construction worker! Illustrator Curtis Jobling is also the creator of Frankenstein's Cat and the Biteneck Beatniks! Check out his work on http://badablingthing.blogspot.com/


So... you created Bob the Builder? Bet you don't have much need for that prize money!


Merry Christmas Bob

Salty Rubberbands

I agree- too big of a design. I like the drawing though.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great zombie 5$

Jo Bling
Jo Bling profile pic Artist

kdr - Bub is indeed the chained zombie in DOTD

SemantiTheft - I designed Bob the Builder, I didn't create it. That credit belongs to another fellow. Bob was a buy-out for me, I just got paid a design fee is all. So no, I never earned a fortune designing that show and no, with three kids under 6 I DO have need for the prize money! :-D But hey, first and foremost it'd be groovy to see the shirt printed.

As for the design being too big, I dunno, it was my first stab at this - if the lovely people @ Threadless are happy to I'd have no qualm with the size changing. I'm a noobie at this gaff...

To those of you who are digging, cool! Please keep voting you lovely zombologists :-)


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