Broken Eyes

Design by mindkillaz

Broken Eyes by mindkillaz on Threadless
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Nicely presented!


very cool artwork, and the text is laid out nicely, but i don't think i'd wear it on a t-shirt. still cool though.

where's the text from?


......this is really cool and different; thumbs up for making new stuff. Still, if it´s 4 colors it looks a bit too 2 colored to me, black and green.


Nice tatts! He's a fantastic artist. I never realised how many album covers he's done too, even though you see them all the time!


I'd definitely wear this shirt, being green is a plus cuz green's my favorite color though I thought we're not allowed to use gradients? cuz I noticed there's an outer glow around the grasshopper....


I like it but I'd rather have it in a poster than a tee. nice touch with the poetry


great placement, color, and I love the caracter. sumit more

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