Britney's Spear

Design by Flying Mouse

Britney's Spear by Flying Mouse on Threadless
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aled profile pic Alumni

haha. This is called 'Javelin Kabob' in the blogs, and 'Britney's Spear' here - ? - nice work Flying Mouse!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

i smell AYAM GORENG here, wonderful!! FM, keep BBQ 5!!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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hahaha...SO GLAD you chose my Britney suggestion over the other one! tickles me so much that you actually named it that when I kinda said it on a whim knowing you wouldn't use it. Anywho, regarding the design, I dig this one a ton more than your last few attempts at sports...really fun idea, and and i like ykroc's ide of a bib and maybe some bar-b-que sauce container next to her seat, but still a great one to add to your collection of needed prints...4$

herky profile pic Alumni

ha, awesome!


I want to see the title on there somewhere.
I think it adds to the humor.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

hahaha britney's spear


It looks a bit as if #218 is being skewered by #262...

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Still think you shoulda moved the pointing guy, but it's still a solid design.

Jemae profile pic Alumni
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pretty funny idea! i like it! another high five from me! :)


I love it, but at first glance it looks like her spear is going through the guy, and the chicken is his guts or something @_@

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

haha, very nice!

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

For the title, there got 3 actually. "Take A Break", "Javelin Kabob" and "Britney's Spear". lol... Just kidding.

Kihou, I like your imagination :)

Thanks for all great comment so far!

chippos profile pic Alumni


Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

yournameis, I think you misunderstand this design. Those 2 guys are pointing and shooting the birds with their spear, they 3 are having a break for BBQ.

polynothing profile pic Alumni

Lovely illustration, and great colors!


need the person in the background to be smaller... looks like they are on top of each other.


or maybe the cooking person lower and off to the left. everything else is a $5 though

chippos profile pic Alumni

hi mouse, resubmit this by showing the birds thyre "hunting"...

Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse profile pic Artist

Yea chippos, I going resubmit this one later. Thanks.

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