Breakin' Rainbows

Design by Laser Bread

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Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Artist

For those times when you just want to reach up in the sky and break a rainbow in half.

tesco profile pic Alumni

zip hoodie?


Rainbows aren't gay though. They are a scientific phenomenon - an optical illusion created when white light passes through water droplets (or another device acting as a prism) and is split into all the visible colors of the spectrum. Rainbows can't inherently be gay. Just like tornadoes can't be gay.

If you still disagree, then why not label all triangles as gay? All those children's shows like Sesame Street, trying to teach your kids about shapes... well then, they all must be gay.

If you look at this shirt and see anti-gay, well then, that's weird.


Well color me weird then.


justabean - my point was that just because this shirt depicts a broken rainbow doesn't make it gay. Now if the hands were tearing apart the gay flag, maybe.


just because rainbows arent THE symbol for being gay, doesnt mean that some people wont see this as anti-gay, and thats dangerous


Exactly SoulfumeInc. This could totally be taken the wrong way. And I have a gay cousin, so that might not go over so well. :/


Well then you're all under some kind of social influence if the first thing you think of when you see a rainbow is "gay."


If I'm under the social influence that makes me think "gay" when I see a rainbow, isn't that the fault of those who've adopted it as a symbol? Namely the gays?

lol @ the phrase "the gays"

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Artist

Wow. I was just thinking about God being frustrated, reaching down and deciding to break a rainbow in half. That's all.


a- rainbows are associated with gay pride - just accept it
b- why would you want to break a rainbow anyway (as if you could)??

Savage Companion

I like it a lot. I also like the idea of a broken rainbow on the ground


^ hahaha - looks a little strange meow.


too homophobic-ish.

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