Breakers in Disguise

Design by halegrafx

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halegrafx profile pic Artist

I thought to myself I can't pass up this 80's contest and surely good ole Soundwave had to breakdance to his own beats once in a while....


word...too ill for words...5


Awesome, prefer it smaller tho...

Matt of 7and34

Bustin' it Autobot style, yo! I'm in, great as is.

halegrafx profile pic Artist

theurbanraptor- that would have been way more creative...Ofcourse, I can still see soundwave wanting his turn to kick out some air flares.....Great Idea, wish I had thought of it!!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

great job - I sincerely hope this gets a printing - 5$

halegrafx profile pic Artist

About the whole copyright thing...It is an really an issue of my Parody is considered fair use. "...what effect the parody has on the potential market for the copyrighted work...blah blah blah..." I believe it is positive :)....

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

Remember the Autobot boombox? his name was blaster. You could easily add him in if you wanted then just keep soundwave as he is.

vradesign profile pic Alumni

BAHAHAHA! This is the best! Print it and I'm buyin' it! $5


awesome, i love the music notes :)



halegrafx profile pic Artist

snowblind199 - hadn't seen the video until now...but that was badass!!!!...Thanks!

cintrao profile pic Alumni

you can almost see it moving.. great work!


OH man this is PIMP, awesome work $5


Shockwave was always my favorite transformer! How did you know?


With the Transformer's movie coming out, this could get really popular really fast if it got printed. Especially with the whole 80's thing that's happening in America right now. I think I would get rid of the music notes too though.


great pic! def dont need the music notes....

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

ahem transformer nerd enters the room...

technically, the notes should be coming out of his legs.

and I'm upset I've been beat to posting the soundwave breakdance video.

It's a good design, really good use of shadows and the appearance of movement. The placement could be improved though.

I'm desensitized to Soundwave adopted by hip hop culture though, tfw2005 has been selling a poster print of Blaster and Soundwave as battling DJ's at a club.

For non-fans, some enhanced detail letting them know this is a transformed boom box might help, maybe the ourline on the lower legs showing the speaker casing... I don't kow.

Very cool, good design.


I'd be interested in a dark blue one.

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