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brain off by se5k on Threadless
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i like it but on a different color. maybe green.


striaght on would be better.

ignore what people are saying about the white shirt.....i like it on black, or another bold dark color.


Heeeee. Like the idea.

I'm going to be repetitive and put in another vote for straight on - I do think it looks slightly odd at an angle. I don't much care about the colour of the shirt itself, as long as it's a neutral colour!


It's 5 colors (white, black, grey, red, pink). Otherwise, I like it but I agree with MrPallarp about just having 1 switch.

Alex M. Solefish

I LOVE THIS I would buy it. i don't know if i like the fact that the switch plate (is that what it's called?)...well. i don't like the angle of vision. but, honestly, I don't care--the concept trumps my issue with the graphic.

5 $, definitely.

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