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Not funny.

aled profile pic Alumni

Think of a concept. Just drawing 'things' and submitting them as t-shirt designs isn't going to fly.


Bourka means thunderstorm in Czech, perhaps you meant Burqa.
Or maybe you are Czechoslovakian & it is meant to be a woman hiding in a very smooth storm cloud.


Burqas aren't funny or cute.


Why are you starting to bother me with your "submitting one drawing on a t-shirt" thing? I'm getting genuinely irritated.


At what point did you think this was a good idea? I'm not all politically sensitive but it's just not dope at all. f the tasteless title. I think you could have pushed it as the pudgy ninja but it's still pretty average. Kudos for the effort though.

she is not a skank

um... yeah like every one else said this is not funny or cute... there is nothing funny about another religion's traditions and beliefs.... next time try some thing universally funny or witty.


yea, put the bourka gal playing a videogame on the polar bear

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

but as opposed to what "she in not a skank" said, i disagree- EVERYTHING about people's religious beliefs and traditions are funny. I just don't think there is particularly anything noteworthy to this design.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Hey, ice_pepper, what the hell is offensive about a burqa? Care to explain?

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