Botanical Biology

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Botanical Biology by Krakaboom on Threadless
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Krakaboom profile pic Artist

"Oooh Herb, look at these pretty floweeeeeeeaaaaarrrrggghh!!!"

Hi-res versions and more colour options here.


very cool lookin, but im not quite diggin the whole ear thing. the ear in the top right corner is lookin very lonely.


They're ear butterflies. This shirt is really an acquired taste...pun intended. ;o)

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Let's try this again.

Hi-res versions and colour options here.

Thanks everybody!

Bli profile pic Alumni

Nice, not something I'd wear personally, but nice all the same!


awesomeness!!! $5

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!

Hello Nikolina - it's finally up :-)

Alex M. Solefish

I really love the concept of butterfly ears. Have you ever seen "Darkness Light Darkness"?

Anyway, 5.

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Terrestrial - I've tried out a whole bunch of colour options in my blog. Go take a look!

And yes, they're eyes. I opted for lots of small eyes rather than just one big one so it wouldn't look TOO weird :-p

slaterock profile pic Alumni

wow, this is pretty interesting!


I've recurring nightmares about flowers that try to chase me down and eat me from the inside out since I was little.

I almost crapped my pants when I saw this.

I'd have a hard time time being in the same room as someone wearing this, so I'm risking my ability to leave the house by giving you this $5 - Appreciate it! =P

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Psychocowboy: These flowers only eat ears. You'll be fine. A little deaf, but not dead.

AlfinCompton: Thank you! Threadless can be a little unpredictable, I guess :-)

epika: Er, yeah.

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Three more days!


I like it, but I wouldn't wear it.

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

One more day!

Krakaboom profile pic Artist

Laaaaast day!

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I love this, though not a huge fan of how it's grounded. The ear flies are very cool!

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