Born Lazy

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Born Lazy by Laser Bread on Threadless
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pilihp profile pic Alumni

very cool


I think this is just lovely. Damn smart chick, too.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Artist

For anyone who needs a little help...egg with satellite dish on it's roof.
Look at any roof in any city and suburb and that's what you'll see.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I got the joke and i really like the graphical treatment to this, but i think going even further with the crazy gadgets coming out of the egg would sell this better, with a bigger dish, maybe even a door in front of the egg, small cell phone tower, maybe a fax machine, a car radial, etc.


I knew that was a dish; it looks just like ours. $5

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Artist

Just google satellite dish and you'll see countless images of what is drawn above.


That is awesome. Really original concept and style.

dacat profile pic Alumni

I like the shading technique, nicely done!

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

the texture is really nice


funny idea, just dont know that it works on a shirt

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