Bored At Work

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Bored At Work by DaleEdwin on Threadless
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nice typography work. I think if the pencil was integrated more into the design it would be a buy, it goes with the whole design, but looks like it was added as an after thought. 5


hippozzz, "real" bored is how real people talk


typography is really nice, but not something I would wear at all. I think the print size bothers me.


I go more with oranges. Should use a sharpie instead, it doesn't poke through the skin ;)


I was also going to recommend a Sharpie - but it looks like you used a ballpoint pen on yours (thumbnail), which worked nicely.

Nice banana. heh heh.


I like the fact that the eyes are on the side.
It makes the banana a little more sinister.
Also, I love the type. Did you do trace fonts, or do it by hand? Or digital?
Unfortunately, I wouldn't buy the shirt. Personal preferance.
I would, however, most likely buy a wallet or notebook with your banana on it.
Ok, I just noticed that the pencil is part of the design.
Pencil doesn't need to be there at all.


i usually use a sharpie not a pencil when i draw on fruit

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

This shirt NEEDS the type...that's the whole point of why the fruit has a face! Fantastic job daleEdwin of combining text and art together in a finely tasting swirled smoothie! 4$


Gave me a good laugh


idk y its cool... but it is 4

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