Booby Trap

Design by clause

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clause profile pic Artist



Love the story, nice drawing, but I don't like the traps in the backgroud. Green if you get rid of the traps, yellow otherwise.

clause profile pic Artist

thanks for the comment! point taken note...


I think the piece would be a lot stronger without the rat. Just the guy ogling the trap would be great. Maybe if you blew that up and added a little more detail to the exterminator (it took me a bit to figure out that's what he was) it would help the whole piece.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Love this idea! I don't mind the traps in the background, but maybe reduce it to one or two of them, but one has a piece of cheese missing that the giant rat is eating in the background. DEF push the rat to the background more, it's very odd with the man he is trying to trap barely in front of him. Great drawings of the man and the girlie trap tho, please re-do and resub this one!


Yeah..ditto with what frickenawsome said. Love the green BTW.

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Hee, hee. The trap by itself with the man is awesome! I would get rid of the rat and the backround traps(or turn them into small background silhouettes) and resub this, it's pretty great.

ewaken profile pic Alumni

yup. doesnt need the rat

clause profile pic Artist

thanks guys, will see how the result turn out :) thanks for the comments :)

clause profile pic Artist

voting ending.... !

Gar0 profile pic Alumni


PeculiarTiffany profile pic Alumni

Very cool, and I love the idea. :)

mrdavenport profile pic Alumni

me likes 5$

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