Boo Hoo Balloon :(

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Boo Hoo Balloon :( by Bakpak Mak on Threadless
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Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

At some point and time in our lives, we can all relate to this t-shirt. Except for the fact that we are not water balloons.


too bad we aren't water balloons. I think we all would make cute water balloons. sigh Although I think if I was one, it would make me pathologically afraid of needs as they would be fatal. So this shirt logically does not make sense. And why are the water balloons clear and filled with colored liquid? Again does not make sense in the real world. Still, I like it anyway.

Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

because i could only have 8 colors and making the actual balloons colored would have exceeded the number of colors allowed. i thought about that myself too. :P

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Make them a bit more water-balloon-ish looking and less like vegetables with the curve, and you've DEF got something. Maybe even a joke with a balloon swelled out ALL THE WAY to almost popping point would be good too. Funny stuff!

Bakpak Mak
Bakpak Mak profile pic Artist

that commercial is exactly where i got the idea from!!!!

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