B-Movie Car Chase

Design by Ellsswhere

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Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

This design plays on the all too familiar B-movie car chase scene with a fun little twist on the back corner of the shirt. The screen or shirt is turned 90 degrees to achieve the wide format look, gradient or bitmap halftone technique used to further the soft-hand feel of this print.
I hope you enjoy the print as much as I do, Thank you.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Badass $5

Retroludo profile pic Alumni

I like it, looks like the city took a lot of time. Kudos.


i'd rather the bike be on the front (like the display you have in the second slide). nice work!


I love the front.
The design on the back doesn't quite match the style - the cartoon dog sticks out.

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Super awesome placement and illustration!


i really really like the illustration style $4


i love the front, but i'm never really a fan of back designs, still a $5 though

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree I'd like to see the motorcycle on the front or at least starting on the front, but this is a nice homage to the golden age of car chases involving real objects colliding on film as opposed to a bunch of digital elements meant to look like that but never coming close than the real thing.


that texture in the sky in gorgeous


nice work dude!

Ellsswhere profile pic Artist

ah well... thanks er'vrybody
the back was done as a separate illo and i attempted to work them together so you all saw through my ruse

JW profile pic Alumni

oh wow this is one of my favourite subs for ages! Shame you couldnt get the two elements to marry up, but it looks amazing anyway 5

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