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Music can tell stories too, stories of love, death, romance, life, etc.... Think of the Nutcracker Suite and the ballets, Disney's Fantasia (entirely set to music), sountracks from movies like Jackie Brown. But when I drew this I thought of a mixtape my wife gave to me when we first started dating and I left for college. On it were all the tracks we listened to over the summer, including many cuts from Massive Attack's Blue Lines album. That mixtape told a story of our love and time step together, I still have it, 10 years later. Another note, she's listening to the music on headphones, even though there are speakers, she's getting closer to her love, blocking out the world. Here's a closeup:

Robsoul profile pic Artist

oh, it's up, here's another quick link: DETAIL


really cool style! great story, i can relate a little.

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I love the cute details and marker feel $5


I love the angle and perspective. Great job - and a nice interpretation of the theme. I like your work.


this is gorgeous :]]
I love the story you gave with it as well!
this has to be printed!!! $55555

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

that's hot! love the colours, placement, perspective... $6


I really like the illustration and the idea behind it.

mezo profile pic Alumni

What a romantic illustration! I especially enjoy the depth. 5$

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I think I agree with you heymaria, it was originally intended just to be lineart

Robsoul profile pic Artist

I just listened to Japanese Gum by Her Space Holiday and I think she may be listening to that track as well

Robsoul profile pic Artist

from the old to the new to the old

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