Bleeding Walls

Design by eskimokiss

Bleeding Walls by eskimokiss on Threadless
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funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

cool sub! works well as a tee and off the wall!


This went from a 0 to a 5 just because of the "made in China".

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

personally, i just love the arrows and, after looking at it again, i do like the bloooood........

locve the idea, well executed.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

literally too i guess.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Nice idea, you anti-Chinist ; )


i agree.

i think it would do really well on the back.


Yeah making a zombie version with like green blood would kick ass.

But I love this. It's very well done.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

I have a green blood version in my profile Antiorder.
Go check it out.


This grosses me out, sorry!

Ava Adore

damn this is great!


Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

that would be cool on a back of a shirt.
And maybe dangerous too...

Great work on the angle
That looks great on a wall.

eskimokiss profile pic Artist

truth be told, when first designing this piece, the mase was actually a set of nun chucks and hence the 'made in china'. I didn't think the nun chucks worked, and when I changed it to a mase I forgot the 'made in china'

Personally I don't see it as being rascist, or anti-china as most everything is made in china anyway. However if it were to print I'd like to change it to 'Mase in China' (thanks Ross)

mezo profile pic Alumni

Loves it.
In green blood.

5 and $

mezo profile pic Alumni

I cannot BELIEVE this got such a low score.

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