Bleeding Test Pattern

Design by Leftist Jesuit

Bleeding Test Pattern by Leftist Jesuit on Threadless
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aled profile pic Alumni

This is really cool. Hogboy did a design that I love, quite similar, called just 'Test' - this is a bit more kitsch. His didn't print, but perhaps this one will. $5

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

I like it -- but hogboy did one with perfect execution.


regardless if hogboy had a similar themed shirt (which I really loved)... this deserves to be scored on it's own merits... this is cool!

Leftist Jesuit
Leftist Jesuit profile pic Artist

In my own defence, I was not aware of Hogboy's test design until people started mentioning it on here so any similarities are pure coincidence. Anyhow, I'd like to think that this one is a bit more subtle.

Leftist Jesuit
Leftist Jesuit profile pic Artist

Also, thanks to everyone for the props!

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

leftist, dont worry, no one is accusing you of copying, they are just pointing out the similarities. very cool work.


this neopolitan tv is fantastic!

design of the week!


Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Love your stuff, man. Very cool.

andyg profile pic Alumni

Awesome! 5

mezo profile pic Alumni

This is very sexy. Love the bold test pattern against the halftone tv. Looks nice.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Yeah, this is very cool and subtle $5


your designs are always great... and your colors are always superb... and you know what... this sub is no diffrent


lunchboxbrain profile pic Alumni

something about this is very sexy. 5


very nice design. the detail of the tube is on point and text pattern jumps right off the shirt


please win.

Leftist Jesuit
Leftist Jesuit profile pic Artist

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Glad people seem to be digging this.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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yummy...neopolitan television...tasty!

This is only second place in my heart to whoever made the bullet hole-through the screen effect for the test pattern on here a year or so back.

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