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The artwork looks quite good and I like the colours, but I don't understand what it is suppose to be? Would be nice to see some 'about my design' information. Nice artwork though and great colours chosen for the artwork.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Corey9 explains his design for no one!

I wouldn't be surprised if the man brainwashes himself after he's finished every design so he doesn't even know what's going on in his subs.

I like this a bunch. It's like a cross between a nest and a melted mannequin.


Design-wise, it has a very nice rhythmic flow. Almost like a beautiful tangled piece of thread Subject or content-wise...who cares ... it flows with good design.

i am becoming fan quickly of your stuff... mainly because you dare to try nearly anything without fear nor care of the masses (a good thing) and DONT do the over-done panda,little red riding hood, zombies, unicorns or Star War type stuff....or if you do i am sure its obscure and done totally different. Keep it up I like different edgy stuff...even if it doesnt score well (mine doesnt either) have my respect


I will be adding a $5 to this.



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I love this. The colors are wonderful. The design is elegant and strangely creepy.

Raulio profile pic Alumni

Hey nice!

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