bite the hand that feeds 2. the revenge

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bite the hand that feeds 2. the revenge by ladrones on Threadless
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ladrones profile pic Artist

bite the hand that feeds-
no body wants to be a robot,
question everyone,
even if they pay the bills.

dont change yourself in order to please others,
and maybe you'll find that your art and your life
might have more happiness in it

speedyjvw profile pic Alumni


pilihp profile pic Alumni

want it!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni


ladrones profile pic Artist

i actually like the designer who made soap butt and milk cookies but its lame that she never got anything but those printed.

i do like cute shit, but there should always be more substance than that.

sorry you hate me but go eat a dick

ladrones profile pic Artist

also one more thing shit bitch.
i have the balls to say what i feel about art and design on this website with my real fucking name.

and i do have arguments or really agressive discussions about ideas or art or aesthetics, and i dont give a god damn if people think im a dick for it.

so if your gonna talk shit and be a bitch, why dont you stop hiding behind a fake account.

you better watch it, i'll abort you

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

Great composition. Looks sweet on the shirt too


stick to your guns ladrones... never compromise for anyone... great stuff!

abeadle profile pic Alumni

I need this shirt, print it! $5

ladrones profile pic Artist

i have attitude for calling somebody out for talking shit under a fake pussy psuedonym?

everything im saying in these subs, and for my fellow drawing buddies is out of compassion for the change i know they want as well.

but if im an ass, them im an ass

ladrones profile pic Artist

i dont expect to get a print based on the relationship of friends i have on here, if i did i would be more pc in the way i talk

its cool that you dont digg my shit, thats just you,
but if your gonna judge my work and me on a few interent arguments i have.

well then thats just silly.

to each his own etc etc

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

leave ladrones alone!

*makes crazy internet video in half drag

ladrones profile pic Artist

thanks mang


Wow you're so friggin good you should just make your own company! hah.

ladrones profile pic Artist

im not an ass, but if people want to assume it from silly internet conversations.

i got bitched out the other weekend for taking a stance on group subs with this style swap guy, who went on all the subs and talked shit to everybody.

and he did it under a fake alias, i would'nt be suprised if this was the same guy.

i was online and i decided to defend my friends, so the guy calls me out on all the shit thats wrong with me. telling me im an asshole, from who he thinks i am.

so mr. iraqo catches me in a bad spot, i dont give a shit if your gonna hate my work, but when people assume my personality from the way i talk on the intenet , they can really go to hell,

ask anybody in chicago, im a decently nice guy, and i loved to meet people and talk to everybody and get drunk and have a good time,
but its just really leame to have people call me out for being e-letist when they have no idea who i am and no idea what im about

futher more

they shoudl say it with thier actual account, liek you are, i respect you for that, your having a civil argument/discussion with me and thats cool.

but i cant stand someobody effing around, trying to make me look like a jerk with a hiddin alias

ladrones profile pic Artist

also i dont want you to get the impression that i dont care what you have to say because your not a designer, you have just as much pull as anyone here because you are the market, and if you werent here, i'd have nobody to make shirts from.

i respect others voicing thier opinions on this site, and i will listen even if i dont agree to them, so please dont think im disreguarding your views

jublin profile pic Alumni

the colors look sick and the title reminds me of NIN.

which are both GREAT things.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

this is one of my favorite subs of all time! fantastic work josh! it's too bad people have to create drama. i know you aren't a dick and that you do have a lot of great thoughts about art and design and so on. being honest and being a dick sometimes get confusing for people i think. good luck with this!!!

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

this one's great. all of them are great.

print them all. now. right now. do it. now.

herky profile pic Alumni

great characters and expressions.



ladrones profile pic Artist

thanks budddeez

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

holy guacamole!!


oh my!... I didn't think my comment would create such a stir. all I was trying to say was that I was sympathetic with the message the design was trying to get across... and that you should never compromise your art\designs\style for anyone... and I think this design demonstrates that. it's an old saying that has many meanings and is true in many instances... and this design portrays that quite fittingly.


why is it that being outspoken immediately makes someone an ass? He may not be diplomatic, but he's honest and you have to respect that.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

yeah man, this is just how josh/ladrones is. i've met him a few times in the REAL WORLD and he's gotta be one of the most passionate dudes about art i've ever met, and he does totally stick to his guns on what he believes in, which gives me a lot of respect for him

that says a lot more than some guy under a fake account whose sole purpose is to ONLY be negative



i'm not sure which "bite the hand that feeds you" shirt I like best. they're both good in different ways. i don't know.

If anyone is at all interested, I have some designs that I'd like people to critique. I don't have that many comments on them that are actually helpful in anyway so if you'd just go to my profile and look at them and comment that'd be awesome!

Oh and also, way to stick up for what you believe in man!



ladrones profile pic Artist

zero down- bite the hand that feeds

ladrones profile pic Artist

ur mom

ladrones profile pic Artist

you missed my point about butt soap, the design is great and fine, but i dont think it represents the best of jess fink.
i love her designs,

it seemed to me taht she got dissapointed in the kinda stuff that is able to be printed and left, an while ago,
that was the point i was making,
the fact that changing who you are for a sale feels crappy.

now i dont know jess fink, and i dont know that she said that, but thats what it seemed like to me. that she must not have digged things if all the could get printed is super super cute cute stuff.

i think that everything thats printed on threadless is deserving, no matter how much its not of my taste, because obviously people want it.

im jsut trying to champion a diffrent aesthetic qualty, not say that mine is better, but that it should have more representation on this website.

ladrones profile pic Artist

yeah, i know where your coming from and appreciate your honesty.
i dont want anybody thinking i dont like jess fink.

i love love her art,
especiallly when its gets gory and sexy


ooh! a sequel already! nice job mang


sonmi profile pic Alumni

jess fink has a porn comic, and i think that's hilarious and awesome

ladrones profile pic Artist

i've seen them i love them !!! petition 2 bring back the fink


this is really super awesome... the style of this is just overpowering and great

i am also think its cool that you stick to what you believe in because i fucking hate fake accounts like no other

i really hope you get a print with your recent batch of subs especially since you seem to be happier with this work (although i did like your first print)

and also hopefully maybe i can someday meet you and see how cool everyone is making you out to be... thatd be awesome

o and 1 more thing


ladrones profile pic Artist

back to teh days of good ol' 1.9

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

diamonds for the win! rediculous score

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

wtf kind of score is this. aeraelrkjealkjreal;kjdlakghgh!!!

i seriously thought this would do better.

ladrones profile pic Artist

i didnt think this was a likely print, because it is message heavy.
i hope voters and designers took some inspiration from the message.


Are you serious? Voters need to get their shit straight because this is definitely a $5!

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