birds of a feather march together

Design by thestrikeof59

birds of a feather march together by thestrikeof59 on Threadless
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Yikes, scary?
But fun!


Robsoul profile pic Alumni

"To be honest, we're not going to deny your submission if it includes any of the aformentioned unmentionables, but we're really looking for the new, the hot, the next! "

I think you should have submitted it, but no matter, if you get printed you get printed, there's still money involved.



As an ex-bandgeek, I wish they were close to in step...


This is awesome. I like it in gold best.


in fact, it closely reminds me of the middle school marching band i was in... hmmm... if only they had the hats with the huge feather plumes in them... that'd be ironically funny

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