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Before you hate this submission, after my first version was in critiques somebody showed me that this concept has been done before. However, since I did come up with it on my own, and far more people loved this design than hated it (its mood is distinctly different than previous subs of the same concept), here it is. I happen to love it, and I hope you do too.


I love it! :) I'd so wear a t-shirt with this on it $5!


i like it. it's clever. but, it makes me sad.

zipperking profile pic Alumni

so far this is the only kiwi/kiwi design I like

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i want this $5




I love this one!!!!!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I haven't seen the other, but this is great!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

The best kiwi joke sshirt yet. Congrats!


obvioulsy it is very well done and all... but like i said in the critique it has been done many many times before... even on threadless... and still you went through with the design.... sorry but i cant give a great score to a design that has been done before espceically with the designer knowing that it has been done before:


sorry its not like i didnt already tell u but i think people should know that these ones are out there and that you knew that these were out there because i told u in teh critique

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

If you read my first comment, I explained this already, and I explained why I ended up submitting. I did think of this on my own. I was, in no way, influenced or inspired by the previous submissions. You are free, of course, to give this any score you think this deserves, but please, trying to tell other people what to do is neither fair nor in good spirits.


im not telling people how to score im just showing everyone the previous designs and letting them decide if it is original enough... i really like this idea and would probably give it a 5 if it was original... but im not... although i still am giving it a fairly average score because it is still a nice looking design with idea


It may have been done before but this is the best one I have seen.


yeah its deff the best one out of the subs.



creepy...but i like it. Best of your work thus far. 5$

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

I don't know why you'd waste your time submitting something threadless is clearly not going to print.

Not only has this idea been subbed many times on threadless, there are numerous companies that have printed this before. Threadless will not print a tee already in existance


yep, I like this one better than the one I saw.


I think it's a funny idea (and I knew I'd seen it before because I know one of the people who did an earlier one) , but I think making the bird shaped more like the fruit makes him kind of ugly. Kiwis are adorable.

So I suppose if he was shaped more like the bird I'd be more inclined to vote higher.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

i think that if threadless decides to print this (which, according to some people, won't happen but we can hope anyway) they will make the final decision as to which color shirt it goes on.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I re-state that this is the best version of this joke i have ever seen. and if Threadless printed a war and peas joke tee that has done a million times before, they can print this.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

no, sorry. i don't know anybody named jill.


Great! Good way to incorporate the "fur" of the bird as the "fur" of the fruit!

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks, dave. in the entire design i was really going for the ambiguity of the creature, that he can be interpreted as a bird with a fruit inside OR as a fruit with bird features.


this made me chuckle. good show.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

wow... i'm sorry this makes you all sad.... although if this creature actually existed, and kiwifruit was on the inside, you bet people would do just this to get the fruit out. this happens to other birds that we consume (chickens and turkeys).


just because it's not original doesn't mean it shouldn't be submitted if it's better. since none of them have been printed, then it's perfectly fine for this this to be submitted. I like it a lot! I think that the score should be based on the design and not on the originality.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

well, blandford.... forgive me, but you seem to be in the minority here. of course you are entitled to your opinion, and entitled to voice it here.... but as i said, many more people seem to like it than dislike it and think it is an improvement, judging from the above 75 or so comments. if it is printed, it will make more people happy than angry, and nobody is going to force you to purchase it! cheers! :-)


finally submitted it =] much better than all the other ones mentioned anyways.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks so much for all the votes and kind comments, everybody! 2.68 is pretty good. now all we can do is keep our fingers crossed for a print!


if you notice... every other kiwi design got a high score as well

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

yes, but this (if you notice) did score the highest of the lot!

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

even after the others killed its originality. that is saying something.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Artist

thanks guys... but i think it's probably past the chance of it getting printed. i hope to get another score this good someday!


I was thinking of doing the same design! Good thing I noticed this before I put any real work into it. :)

I like yours better than I would have liked mine, anyway. ;)

deyaz profile pic Alumni

good score..nice kiwi :)

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