Bird With A Brain

Design by Gem1969

Bird With A Brain by Gem1969 on Threadless
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Gem1969 profile pic Artist

8 colors on dark grey, cream, sand or light blue.

Gem1969 profile pic Artist

Maybe you shold take an etiquette class.


The concept is clever, but the linework is a little loose.
Doing a redraw and putting some work into making it look a little nicer would make it a much more buyer appealing design.


i really love this concept a lot, but i think the drawing itself lacks style and finish. it needs some more work before it looks quite right, which is a shame because the idea is fun

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

wah wah wah



The style of the bird is really nice. Maybe try keeping that over all style with the rest of the design.

krokun profile pic Alumni

I like this quite a lot, although the expressions bug me a bit. It comes across as if the cat has a plan and the bird has no idea what is going on...kinda reverse to what you were going for I think.

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