Bird Mechanics

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Bird Mechanics by FourtyFour on Threadless
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Xtin Sane

I love the hoodie. I would rock that in a second.


Such a cute bird.

I would love him and hug him and name him Caxton. (That's what I thought of as soon as I saw the title)


i don't know why, but i dig know what would be cool...put some like...clockwork nautical stars on might drive home the "mechanical trendy tatoo" theme a bit more...but super cool.


sparrows are one of the most common tatoos? really? that would be very interesting.


Large, centered is perfect

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Im confused. Is he falling?

mezo profile pic Alumni

Wow. I am a sucker for traditional sparrow tattoos...this is really good. Though, I would like to see more to the design. Not sure WHAT, but this feels pretty empty as it. Maybe it's the colors? I think instead of that warm gray, a cooler one would work. It'd give a more metal/steel feeling.

Something which might be interesting visually is if you added some very simple, but elegant, floral elements within the sparrow's body. Then the design would be nature turned mechanical back to nature. Does that make sense?

I don't know...this needs SOMETHING more.


i like the upper shoulder placement.

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