Bird in the hand or 2 in the bush?

Design by enoelie

Bird in the hand or 2 in the bush? by enoelie on Threadless
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i agree with the design except for the letters

enoelie profile pic Artist

Here's the short of it:

This did not start out as being "so dang obvious" which is what made it that much better. Agreed.

But "better" is sometimes not the most obvious. In order to slip by the bouncers, so to speak, the design got the A and B's added on.

Here's the long of it:

It's funny that this design started out WITHOUT THE A AND B choices but with a much more subtle "greater than or equal to" sign in the middle of the design (way more incorporated) and it GOT REJECTED from the competition because it was not readily apparent "what it had to do with the theme" ... "JIGGAWAH' I said and then retooled and resubmitted the design (off day, esteemed panel of design screeners?) to be more "frickin' obvious" hence compromising the original equation message of "A BIRD IN HAND IS GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO A 2 IN THE BUSH?" which is something I happen to ponder daily and is way more clever methinks. Jah? I think so.

I hear ya, folks.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

i love this design. bummer that the original wasn't accepted, if that was the only difference.

i like your style - are you submitting more stuff anytime soon?

ladykat profile pic Alumni

i'm putting a nice little $ on my vote - but note to threadless: remove the 'a' and 'b'!

enoelie profile pic Artist

Ladykat- As for more stuff... I have two designs awaiting approval. One for this contest and one other for the general category which is especially for the fashionistas out there.


I really like this, especially on dusty aqua. $5.

enoelie profile pic Artist

As a n00b to this I have to say thanks for all the nice comments.

It's the first one out of the gate with a few more to come.

I have an amusing little retool in mind for this... wondering if I should submit it as a separate entry...? decisions decisions

enoelie profile pic Artist

It's the simple system font on Windows called "Small Fonts" which I kerned out 150-200 at 7 pt, no anti-alias

slaterock profile pic Alumni

Great idea, however parts of it, mainly the left side, seem a bit empty. I give you a solid 4 for concept though.

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