Billy Budd's Great Expectations

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Billy Budd's Great Expectations by kidderliverpool on Threadless
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Does abby4313 get something that the rest of us don't? explain


...i like it $5

remembering dances learned last night, hahahaa...


What's not to get? It's a stack of books, and the shirt's pretty amusing if you know what the books are all about. Hurray for literate folks, $5


Read the titles from the top to the bottom. Didn't the title give people a clue? Cute idea, nice style.

kidderliverpool profile pic Artist

Ok, I guess I should explain, if you read the books from top to bottom it reads as one whole sentance - the title of the submission is of two famous books combined, so I guess I wanted to get across the idea of all the books reading as one whole thing together. I liked the idea of the character of Billy Budd having 'Great Expectations' etc. Hope this has helped!

Thanks for all the comments!


ha! i love it! and that's not just because i work in a bookstore.

book shirts are the best!


I like this, but I prefer eskimokiss' "BookWorm" for sheer wearability.
Nice use of white scratchy outline, though. Looks good.


^that's a great book. and yes. me too!

i like and want this shirt.


Finally a tee something to do with reading! I love the color and the design. And Melville is my favorite writer. I am sooooo $5!

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