Big Sword Small Guy

Design by Mike Laughead

Big Sword Small Guy by Mike Laughead on Threadless
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Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

Thanks Veverka.... I plan on continuing to post stuff (I like doing it and getting a shirt printed would be awesome...)

People don't like wearing pink shirts?

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i love your style too.


Defo gennedy


i hate to be the one to point this out, but the sword looks a bit like a tampon ?

maybe make it a different color / put a line down the middle or something ?

still, 4

Mike Laughead
Mike Laughead profile pic Artist

Wow.. that tampon comment freaked me out for a second...

I didn't have any concrete idea when I mad this shirt. I just started drawing. Some of the best shirts on Threadless have no joke or idea behind it, they are just good shirts. (I'm not saying that this one is or isn't). I just drew this small guy with a big sword and thought it was cool.

He used to have wings... doesn anyone think he should?

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