Big Ecosystem

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Big Ecosystem by Teacake on Threadless
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Luke... profile pic Alumni
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haha, i love tiny little ecosystems...


nooooooooooooooooooooooo brown! If this was in any colour I would buy it in a snap. I LOVE THIS, but please not brown.

Teacake profile pic Artist

i am willing to resize! as for the black bottom- it was to go after the old 2 liter bottles that had the black bottom. haha thanks!

Teacake profile pic Artist

oh and i'm willing to change the shirt color!


It's cute. Would consider buying- although the black bottom of the bottle doesnt seem to blend in with the colour scheme i'd just continue the white. $4

chronically bizarre

love on brown, but I agree that the black bottom doesn't really work

chronically bizarre

please please please don't put this on something like natural or heather grey or gold, I'm so tired of those shirts, pissing me off how all the designs I love are printed on hateful shirt colors


Love the brown and turquois...

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