Big Beat Theory

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Big Beat Theory by davidtheday on Threadless
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This is AMAZING!!!


bit scary that you shopped out the copyright text. Which means you know what you did....

davidtheday profile pic Artist

Mongu, thanks for your concern, however, there was no copyright text. Furthermore, all images used in my designs were done under a NASA contract and are considered public domain. There is no copyright infringement. It says so here on the Web page you referenced in your other comment: Thank you! :)

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

this may be true, but just grabbing nasa pics as is and slapping it on a shirt is not in itself creative.


going to have to agree with the above comment. no offense

davidtheday profile pic Artist

No offense to you two, but this isn't about being creative. It's about having a kick ass looking guitar and t-shirt. If they both look great, what difference does it make? And, there was editing involved, so it was definitely a creative process. Sorry if you don't agree. Have a great day!


Whether it's a NASA picture or not, it looks great!


In which technique are you going to print this design??

davidtheday profile pic Artist

Sorry, I misspoke. Obviously something is being created, so it's about being creative.

davidtheday profile pic Artist

The definition of creative is: "Relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, esp. in the production of an artistic work: 'creative writing'." Well, I imagined how cool it would be to have the depths and beauty of space on my guitar while I play music. And so, while yes, the artwork is derivative of a NASA picture, it is still considered "creative." Plus, I didn't just slap the image there and save the file, there was editing and processing involved in the creation of this design.

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