Beyond the Bond's of Gravity

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Beyond the Bond's of Gravity by BC_Arts on Threadless
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Thanks :)

macdoodle profile pic Alumni

really captured that "breaking the sound barrier" look. nice


I WANT and NEED this shirt now!!! OMG 5$


Love it...but outside this contest.


This is truly amazing! The concept not to mention the detail is exceptional! 5$

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Thanks everybody for the support


Need a shirt. Fantastic! 5$


I knew I had seen this somewhere before.

This is Zembillas' art from 2008. Don't steal from well-known artists. This is the tshirt image, with the transparency lowered so you can see Zemballas' underneath (his has simply been flipped). Don't believe me? Just try it out for yourselves. Even the awkwardly tiny fists line up perfectly.

Unless the OP is Charles Zembillas. In which case I loved Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Great characters.

BC_Arts profile pic Artist

Wow, Im honestely shocked by the accusation of stealing someones work when that's just not true.

I understand your concern but this is superman, of course there are some similarities, like the flying, the suite, cape and know, the kind stuff that makes superman...superman. This is simply a coincidence due to the fact this other one was done in 2008. I've never even seen it before, it's 2013. I also created this design myself from sctrach so theres NO POSSIBLE way I stole this image. Because I created it...

I simply created this design out of my love for superman after seeing his new movie that just came out. I saw the scene where he flys up and breaks the sound barrier and boom, thats where the idea and inspiration came I like the original superman pose where he sticks one arm out while flying (keeping it traditional)

I would have also just created the picture with a realsim style instead BUT this is a contest for IMPRESSIONISM so I did it this way instead. And I believe superman sticks out his right arm when flying and not his left, like in the other image you mentioned. There was no flip...

Common dude...this is superman, it's not like I could give him a yellow suite and purple boots. I understand your just trying to expose any theives out there because I've seen them and I would hope if someone trys to steal my work you will try to expose them as well. BUT Its not stealing for two people to have similair ideas about a comic book character...

and its pretty rude to just accuse me before getting your facts straight. But I understand, these sort of misunderstandings happen all the time.

so I just want to say one last time, I did not steal this persons art. This is my own 100% original art done by me to portray superman and all of his awesomeness...thank you.


Dude, it lines up PERFECTLY, and you're going to claim it's a coincidence because 2008 was a long time ago and superman always wears the same thing? Not cool. And a good way to get yourself ostracized in the art world.

BC_Arts profile pic Artist

Dude your deliberately trying to make my image look like his...not cool, of course you think the two are similar. Why would I need to steal this guys design that I've never even seen before?

Listen I've already explained my case and refuse to defend myself or my design any further and be bullied by your rude accusations. This is my own artwork that I did myself, people have similar ideas ALL THE TIME...

I've run this design by threadless myself several times. I trust in the threadless community and have faith that you all believe me when I say that this design on this website is my own design that I created myself. Thank you.


Great job! Your design is awesome! I've never seen anything like this!


I don't know either one of you so I'm not trying to take sides, but I have to agree, the similarity is astounding. Of course Superman is going to be colored the same from one drawing to the next -- but little details like the same little angle in his elbow? The positioning of the raised hand and feet? Almost the exact same cape? I'm not saying you stole it intentionally, but at the very least it had to be from the same source material.

To keep denying that you can't even see any similarity just boggles my mind.

Besides all this I don't really see how it fits the theme of impressionism.


I dont know both sides either. but basically it sounds like your saying the artist should use a posture that superman isnt known for and completely diffent cloths...and this sounds dumb...for example, I dont see how the person could have made the cape different? Its supermans cape, shouldnt it be red? and shouldnt the arms be the way they are because superman has a human anatomy? so shouldnt it be in similiar angels and positions?

It wouldnt make much sense to put superman in a position that nobody recognizes him. I could tell instantly who it was because of the pose...Its a little similiar but not thattt similiar.

Back during the spngebob contest I saw two designs with the exact same idea and concept laid out almost the exact same but I dont think either one was stealing...people have similiar ideas...theres 7 billion people in the world so its bound to happen and superman is an iconic figure.

BC_Arts profile pic Artist

The definition of Impressionism below...

  • A literary or artistic style that seeks to capture a feeling or experience rather than to achieve accurate depiction.

Straight from the dictionary. Thank you everyone for your support.


I don't really understand why people aren't able to see the very obvious theft, except either they are being intentionally obtuse, like the design regardless of plagiarism and want to see it printed, or don't care about theft in the art world. Or, hopefully, they just don't have enough experience with art to know what constitutes theft and what doesn't. I really, really hope it isn't that Threadless just doesn't care. If that's the case and this gets printed, I will be notifying the original artist. As I mentioned before, you can see Zembillas' copyright in the lower corner of his image.

This isn't about clothes or costumes or recognizable positions for superman. This is about taking someone else's artwork, changing it ever so slightly, and trying to pass it off as your own. It's not that superman always has red boots on; this would be theft even if the costume was entirely different.

Here, perhaps this image will make it more obvious:

Just looks exactly like the OP's submission, right? Because it is, except the hand, half of the face, and the legs are taken from the original artist's work and the opacity is set to around 55% so you can see that the lines match up exactly. This isn't even a case of using something too heavily as a reference. The only way for this to match up so perfectly is because this is a paint over. In other words, the OP traced this exactly. Except he flipped the original image in hopes that people wouldn't notice, I guess. Or because he thinks superman should lead with his right arm. There's no way you can replicate the image so perfectly.

Tell me the OP hasn't seen this before, when the angle of the hand is identical? When the stylistically sharp forearm muscle is identical? When the fracking face is identical? Even the best artist here couldn't make their image this identical just by copying it. It has to either be traced or painted over. But either way, it's stolen.

BC_Arts profile pic Artist

Dude I haven't stolen the design. This is borderline harassment. Now your putting my design up on other websites? Simply because everyone isn't agreeing with you and you went from concerned individual into a crazy person? You really think your better than threadless' entire legal section? They check all designs before approval...I would expect them to tell me that there is another picture out there too similar to mine that they can't use it especially sense this other pic has a copyright BUT they didn't. If they had denied it told me why I clearly wouldn't use this

BC_Arts profile pic Artist

Dude what is your deal? This has become a straight witch hunt and is starting to feel borderline harassment. Now your putting my design on other websites? Your deliberately manipulating my design to look like I plagiarized his design when that's just not true as I've stated before.

Just because people aren't agreeing with you? You really think you know more than threadless' legal section? They obviously looked at this design before approving it so I would expect them to tell me if this was an unuseable design for legal reasons...especially if this other guys design is copyrighted like you said. And if they had, I obviously would have never submitted this design BUT they didn't...


Regardless of the cheating issue, I don't really think this answers the challenge assignment. Sure, I can see your take on impressionism, but how does this celebrate modern fashion or the future of fashion? Superman has worn the same outfit since the 30s :)

As dodo79 said, I think this is outside of the challenge parameters.


What I meant to say is that it's a cool design, but doesn't really seem to fit the challenge, so maybe it would score even higher in just the regular threadless category?

Wan Ju

very cool!!!

melmike profile pic Alumni

The artist says he's never even seen the image before. On it's own, that makes sense because it's a very generic Supe pose, however, while there are many differences between the two, there are also striking similarities. Make up your own mind.

Either way, it doesn't fit the challenge parameters.

melmike profile pic Alumni

I should clarify that I'm not judging the artist here. I have no qualms referencing existing material for already well established characters. As long as you bring your own interpretation to the art, it's fine with me. But yeah, this isn't about fashion so ...


I think your interpretation is fantastic! I would love this on a shirt! You have a follower!

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