bewildered triangles

Design by pyko

bewildered triangles by pyko on Threadless
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pyko profile pic Artist

My first design submission on threadless :)

Decided to give the challenge a go since I like the whole 'Less is More' idea - went to the max, only one colour!

Any feedback will be awesome!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

haha, i'll have to add this to the OSC kollab korner! I like the take on the impossible triangle, but maybe have a bunch of regular triangles looking on and laughing or in bewilderment at the triangle freak or something like that. Nice first sub!


Hey, if anyone would look at my critique I would be very appreciative. :)

pyko profile pic Artist

thanks guys for the comments so far :D

@FA ... funny you say that, coz my inital sketch was in fact a group of small triangles looking at the impossible triangel in horror/shock. unfortunately couldn't transfer the idea nicely to the computer given the short time :(

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

love the triangles !

pyko profile pic Artist

thanks for the comments & votes :)

pyko profile pic Artist

lols thanks. one more day till end of voting!!!

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